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We offer obedience classes at all different levels. Take a look and see what fits best for you and your dog!

Beginner Obedience - 6 Week Class for $155
  • Engagement

  • Proper socialization

  • Relationship building

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • All basic commands

  • Come when called

  • Walking on Leash 

Advanced Obedience - 6 Week Class for $130
  • Staying With Distance and Distraction

  • Place Command

  • Wait Command

  • Leave It Command

  • Coming With Distractions

  • Focus Healing

  • Place Commands With Distance

  • Off-Leash Obedience

Additional Services

Boarding & Board and Train

We offer in home boarding for any and all dogs, with access to outside. All dogs that are social with others dogs will get to participate in group play 3 times a day.

  • Boarding cost $40.00 a day.

  • If you are interested in board and train, please reach out to discuss.

Day and Train Program - Tuesday thru Friday weekly, Mondays are by appointment only.

  • This program is $45.00 per day or purchase a package of 5 days for $180.00, drop your dog off at our facility and we can work on some basic obedience skills while you are away! 

    • The skills we focus on are: ​

      • Sits with stays​

      • Down with stays

      • Leash walking

      • Confidence building - working through environmental issues to reduce the amount of stress on your dog​​

3 for 3 Package - This includes 3 private lessons and you can attend 3 single day classes we currently have running. The cost is $500.  

Private 1 on 1 Training - Developing and mastering your skills in a private setting

Rally Obedience Class

CGC Class (5 weeks) - Teaches you all of the fundamentals to get your Canine Good Citizen

Therapy Dog Testing - Specialized classes to enhance your skills for this certification

(CGC - Therapy Dog International - TDI - Spot Testing)

Loose Leash Walking - Classes designed to help your dog to stop pulling when walking on leash 

Working Dog Club - Please reach out for more information.

Protection Training

(APPDA - IPO - French Ring - PSA - Personal Protection)

Competition Obedience

(CD - CDX - Rally Obedience - BH)


All prepaid services must be used in full within 90 days unless otherwise approved in writing by the owner. Any refunds will need to be discussed with and approved by the owner. 

Puppy Training at T.HarrisK9
Beginner Dog Training at T.HarrisK9
Intermediate Dog Training at T.HarrisK9
Advanced Obedience at T.HarrisK9
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